Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flooded Wan Chai

Not a typical scene in the middle of Hong Kong-but this is what I found when I was leaving a lunch date in Wan Chai. I had just eaten at a cute little place on Star Street- Oolaa Petite-headed out to catch a taxi and this is what I saw:

 You can see the digger there (ahem...I know it is a digger because I have a 4 year old boy) knocked a rather big pipe and the water was raging! 

 make-shift damns sort of helped

I did not stick around long enough to see what happened next- or the fate of the men who caused such a mess, but I can imagine it was not a happy day for them....

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nobu Hong Kong

I recently dinned at Nobu Hong Kong.  It is located inside the Intercontinental Hotel in TST and it sits right on the water's edge. Views of  the Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island from Nobu and the hotel are spectacular.  My meal, {my culinary experience} was quite the treat and Nobu lived up to all my expectations.   Going with friends who are friends with the executive chef-helped-but I am certain Nobu Hong Kong would have impressed anyway, had I been on my own. 

Sadly I was playing it too cool to snap pictures of everything that came to our table. So sorry. Here is a sampling of what I can remember-it was insane. 

Foie Gras and Wagyu Beef Gyoza
Pork Belly with Spicy Miso, Pickled Radish
Crispy Seabass Tacos
Steamed Mussel and Crispy Pork Belly, Aji Amarillo
Vegetable Kakiage with Spicy Lobster Salad
Yellowtail Sashimi with JalapeƱo
NEW STYLE SASHIMI:Salmon, Whitefish and Scallop
King Crab with Shiso Salsa    
Japanese Wagyu    (aged by Chef Erik)
Spicy Tuna Roll
California Roll

I did however snap a few of dessert. 

Chocolate Bento Box
green tea ice-cream
Suntory Whisky Iced Cappuccino
layers of coffee cream, cocoa crumble, milk gelato and whisky foam
House Made Ice-cream Mochi
Round N’ Round
frozen cheese cake, raspberry soda and hokkaido black honey 

If you want a real treat, to impress a client or love interest-this is the place to do it. 
Nobu has locations all over the world-but I cannot imagine a better view than the one in HK. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

CNY wreath

Inspired by Beth over at Southern Blossoms, and because I was not ready to let go of my {expensive imported} Christmas wreath...I turned mine into a Chinese New Year Wreath! 

Happy Chinese New Year-It is the year of the Water Snake! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crab Filets

We are lucky to have friends in the food importing business and we were extremely lucky to be invited over to their home  for an all surf BBQ.

These HUGE crab legs are what the chef at Nobu calls crab filets. 
 Nobu got most-but we got our fill too.
They were giannormous! I wish I had put something close to show the scale.

 Cooked on the grill served with butter or the Nobu red onion marinade.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Artist Village: Dafin

 Scenes from the artist village near Shenzhen, China. 

 This is how a lot of (80%) of the world's oil paintings begin....
 It is first printed on a canvas-then stretched and painted. 
 However- some artists are still doing original work in the village and it is pretty cool. 
 I commissioned a funky little portrait of our family in HK-can't wait to see it! 

 I really liked these HUGE painting-but no where to put them in my tiny HK flat!

I'll be sure to show you all the portrait once complete!
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