Friday, February 24, 2012

Right place at the right time.

The legendary Dr.John came to Hong Kong last weekend. It put me in the mood for Mardi Gras. And if I closed my eyes really tightly for a moment, I was transported home. Home. There is no place like home. Especially at Mardi Gras, but alas, this will certainly do.

YouTube Video

And dinner before at Ruth's. That's as New Orleans as it gets in Hong Kong y'all.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Party like a 3 year old.

My sweet "Baby Roux" turned 3 this week. We celebrated with a pizza themed party.
To balance out all the yummy greasy pizza, we had lots of fun fruit on hand. I even snuck fruit onto the cake.
Rainbow fruit kabobs: Strawberry, mandarin oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blue berries, grapes. Easy, fresh, simple and the kids ate them up quickly!
For the cake I made a "dessert pizza" toped with fruit:
Brownie base (from the box) cooked directly on the pizza pan. Topped with homemade buttercream, but cool whip could be a nice sub, I was afraid it would melt and be slippery. Then I jut put beautiful fresh fruit on top and sprinkled sweet coconut to look like cheese. I presented it in a pizza box.
You don't think I would have a party without cake?!? Mini cupcakes toped with red buttercream. It was hard to get the buttercream red! It looked pink even with a ton of coloring. But I sprinkled red sugar on top and that helped. Green chocolate pieces for toppings and sweet coconut for cheese. Pizza Cupcakes!
Goodie Bags:
Pizza sticker book from Amazon, gummy pizzas, a sucker a d and play duh. I handed these out during the party so the kids could enjoy making their own pizzas together. Why wait? It was a fun activity and ensures all that work gets put to good use!
I had extra suckers and plastic bugs in my pocket and handed them out to each child who thanked me. Just a little something extra.
Our local pizzeria.

Of course, the simple things make the party most fun!

PS- this is what you get when you ask men to hang up the crepe paper.....

For the Nomads

A cute way to remember and display all the places you've lived.
(Via Pinterest.)

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mardi Gras Party in Hong Kong

We had fun, kids were introduced to a bit of 'Nawlins and everyone left happy. All that was missing was a parade rolling down the street! Here's a look at how it all came together.
King Cake Donuts:

Set up:

Mardi Gras decor (exported then imported back to China)

Mask decorating station for kids

Kids enjoy snacks together!

A little entertainment...

More snacks...

And a decked out front door

Impromptu band...


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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mardi Gras Party Menu Challenge

We are hosting a small gathering to celebrate Mardi Gras this weeked. For some of our guests this will be there first ever Mardi Gras anything. Kids and adults and one {8 month}preggo planner in Hong Kong... this is a challenge.


Cocktail Meatballs
Mango Salsa ( purple green and gold..)
Popcorn (for the kiddies)

Jambalaya with  andouille( yes, I can get that here. weird?!?)
"Cold" Chicken Tenders
Mardi Gras Salad
(Spincahe, Purple Onion and Mandarin Oranages-crandberries and toasted pecans...Yumm.)
Donut King Cakes

Kids decorate thier own Mardi Gras Masks
Have  kids to throw beads to adults in their own mini "Crew de HK"

Pics to come...stay tuned!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sift Desserts

As I was shopping for a baby crib at the Princes Building in Central Hong Kong, I was lured by the aroma of red velvet cake...was it my pregnant super senses dreaming? 

No. It was reality. 

The reality is called Sift. Beautiful cupcakes of amazing flavors and icing right here in Hong Kong.  A wonderful thing about Hong Kong is discovering new places all the time...especially new desserts. Cupcakes are $25 HKD ( about $3.25 US) and they also have cookies, macaroons and other yummy pastries.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I found powder.

This may seem like a very small feat. However, it is HUGE in my ex-pat world.

Leave it to the Brits to prioritize having nice powder! I stumbled upon it at Marks and Spencer, upstairs in a corner.

Before I found it I had searched every drug store and department store I passed. Nothing. Baby powder was all I could find. Not even at my local Crabtree and Evelyn.

But alas! For $40 HK ($5 US) I am all set. It may be old fashioned, but I love powder. After a bath, if I'm running out for the day with out a bath, in the heat, at the beach, love it.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Apple a Day

Check out these apples: decorated with Chinese symbols for the new year. Fun, healthy, delicious.

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