Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mommy Wars? Not here in HK.

Recently my Facebook feed has inundated with posts about Mommy Wars.  Or how hard it is to be a mom these days.  I asked a friend back in the states what was going on. She said,  "You have no idea. Ever since Pintrerst, birthday parties are freaking insane. Everything is crazy! Parents go nuts and I just can't keep up."

Hmm, just add this little war to the list of things I do not miss about living in the US at the moment.

I don't feel any pressure to be anything other than the mom I  am. I do the best I can for my kids and worry about them and them alone.  There is no keeping up with the Jones' here, no judgment of other moms and how they parent-we are all from different countries and backgrounds and yet we are all just making it work and teaching our kids to be happy, free and fun. We help each other, not bring each other down.  It is natural and easy. Why busy yourself with anything else?

Living abroad strips life down to what is really important. This may be one of biggest things I take away from living abroad.  Kids just seem more free here and parents, at least this parent,  as it turns out are certainly much more free without all the drama of the so called Mommy Wars.

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