Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Big D

I have been in Dallas for a few days. Enjoying family and Mexican Food and delicious BBQ. It has been hot, but with a nice breeze,the heat there is nothing like New Orleans or HK.

When Baby Roux saw the Dallas skyline, he started waving to his Daddy...poor dear......Daddy Roux in still in HK while me and Baby Roux are in the US visiting....
Tall buildings=Hong Kong.
He is a bright little 2 year old if I do say so myself.

Now, on to food....
One of my fav Mexican restuarnts is now a big fat chain...Chuy's. (including Birmingham, AL) However, the food is still as good as I remembered....and, like they say...if you've seen one Chuy''ve only seen one Chuy's.

and for BBQ
Hammond's in Glen Rose did not dissapoint. I could barely pick up the glass my iced tea was served in and the plate of BBQ could have satisfied 10 cowboys. Yumm. Brisket. Onion Rings. Cole Slaw. Heaven.

Thanks Google images for the pics.
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