Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mummy Hot Dogs

Hot dogs and biscuits.

Slice and wrap.

Mustard and black sesame seed eyes, ketchup mouth.


Arrange on a bed of greens and serve.

Tads. Easy. Kid friendly. Yummy.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stretching the {HK} Dollar

Food prices are high in Hong Kong, especially for imported or organic items.  So, in an effort to level that out, I need to be creative in my meal planning and execution.
One of the ways I do that is by using what I already have {week to week} and planning meals.
I do one big shop on Monday. I find shopping on Monday the best day because I don't have hungry birds {aka Daddy Roux and Baby Roux} all weekend eating and opening everything I just purchased and it maximizes leftovers leaving them mostly for the weekend for when I have a little more time to be creative and mix and match dishes.
Before I shop I take an inventory of what I have in the fridge/freezer and cupboards.  I also take into consideration anything that was added to the list {which stays on the fridge} such as requests or out of   typically stocked items {sauces, herbs, oil etc.}.
I make my grocery list by meals. So, I think of 4 meals for 7 days.  I shop for the ingredients I need for those 4 meals and for the other 3 days in the week we eat leftovers or make new dishes {TBD} with items left over or not used. We usually eat out one meal a week, typically on Sundays, after church.
An example of my shopping list goes something like this...
BBQ Pulled Pork {NEED:pork, onions} { i have already have sauces and spices needed as well as corn bread mix for sandwiches and will serve with side salad}
Jambalaya { need sausages} { i already have some bell pepper and celery and will purchase onions for the BBQ pork- all of which will go into the pot.}
Salmon and Salsa {need salmon, need stuff to make salsa-a pineapple salsa-as this is what they had- pineapple, cilantro, onions( already purchasing for 2 above dishes)  (LIME!!)
{will serve with rice-already have as a staple at home}
Vegetarian Curry {will use up any veggies that I haven't used yet, bell peppers, onions, BUY:chick peas, carrots etc-served with rice and side salad}
Salad-Need:ready to eat spinach and some tomatoes, avocado or whatever is in season.
With the leftovers I get creative- sometimes searching the web for inspiration.  Here is an idea from Good Housekeeping.  Use up those veggies at the end of the week in a tart- yummy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween in Hong Kong

We celebrate Halloween here in our community of Discovery Bay.   But, finding good and cute decoration is a little tough- so I searched for some beautiful DIY inpsiration...

images via Good House Keeping
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